Why should I offer my services on bookmytutor.info?
Bookmytutor.info helps tutors supplement their income by providing a network of students in need of quality tutoring. Bookmytutor.info markets your skills and helps you build a customer base so you can focus on what you do best: teaching.

How can I know, that I’m fit for tutoring?
A member of the Bookmytutor team will review your application and take a telephonic interview. If we think you’re a good fit, we will ask you to join us. You can also visit Bookmytutor office personally along with your qualification proof and address proof.

How much does it cost to sign up as a tutor?
Free. It is free to sign up as a tutor on Bookmytutor by whatsapp @ 8077772925 your name and address proof. In this case, you will get students location and class but you won’t be able to get the contact details of the students. to get the contact details you have to become our premium member.

What should I do to get contact details of students looking for tuition in my area?
You should upgrade your membership to get contact details of students who are desperately looking for a quality tutoring in your area.

How much I need to pay to upgrade my membership?
The premium membership fee is Rs.500 or 800 which is valid for 6 months or 12 months depending on your performance.

How long the premium membership valid?
The premium membership is valid for 6 months or 8 months depending on your package and performance.

How many tuition will I get?
There is no limit for number of tuitions. You may take as many tuitions as you want.

How long it will take you to provide me first tuition after I get the premium membership?
It depends on the numbers of subjects you teach, more is the subjects you teach, sooner is the probability of getting tuitions. It also depends on area you are serving, larger is the area you cater, sooner is the probability of getting tuitions, because it opens more options for you.We do not commit you any time period.

Will you refund the membership fee if you are unable to provide me tuitions?
Yes, we give 100% cash back if we are unable to provide you tuitions within 45days. The amount will be automatically credited to your account on 46th day after upgradation.

How much will I be paid?
Pay rates are based on your experience, command on subject, grade you are teaching, and location.

How does payment work?
The payment is taken directly by tutors from the parent or student as and when it suits to the tutor and parent or student.

How much you charge from the fee?
We charge 60% of the “Fee” upfront from the first month fee and 20% of the “Fee” from second month Fee”, of every tuitions. Here the “Fee” is the fee as decided at the time of liasoning irrespective of your’s or student’s attendance. irrespective of the frequency of the sessions. The rest is completely yours for ever. You also have an option to pay 25% of the fee flat for every months throughout the tuition.

How do I create a profile?
whatsapp @ 8077772925 your name and address proof  and follow the step by step directions.

Here’s how it works for tutor

Create Tutor Profile

Become a teacher by creating your profile here and tell us about yourself, your skills, subject expertise, qualifications, teaching ability and experience. Be sure to provide as much information as you can in your profile so that we can speed up the verification process and your profile starts showing up in the right spot when parents and students are searching for home tutors on our website.

 Apply for jobs

Once your profile is complete, you can start browsing our latest home tuition jobs page and start applying for the tuition jobs that best fits your skills, favorable location, class and subjects.

 Become our Premium Member and Get Verified

Once you have applied for the tuition jobs that matches your profile, the next step is to upgrade to premium membership so that we can help you in scheduling one to one demo session with the students/parents. By becoming our premium member, you will get a verified tag that will improve your profile visibility with a better chance of being contacted and hired for a tuition job.

You also need to whatsapp certain documents such as Address proof, ID proof, Class 10th Marksheet, latest educational certificate, etc. at the time of registration at BookMyTutor This Verification is done to make sure only the right and eligible home tutors get connected with us and become a part of our network. The verification process builds more trust among teachers, parents and students.

To know more about how to upgrade your membership, call us at 8077772925 or write us at bookmytutor7@gmail.com

 Start Tutoring and Grow your income

If parent like the demo session and vice versa, you can continue tuition and start earning. You will get paid for the time you spend teaching students. We will collect the initial month tuition fees in advance from parents and will give it to you after completion of the first month tuition.